Landscape Gardening 

In addition to specialist tree care, Earthwoodtrees offer the following Landscaping services.

Fencing, decking, pergola's patios, raised planter beds, garden sheds and other bespoke woodwork for the garden.


Fences come in several designs based on visual appearance, privacy, safety, and longevity. 

8' painted feather edge on post and rail. 

Installing a pre-built lapped panel fence from Rattery sawmill. This is a decent option on a limited budget.

Removing conifer trees and roadside hedge. Increasing both driveway and garden areas.

This 6 x 1 inch close board fence was built to replace a weak panel fence. This is a thick timber fence that'll last a long time and keep the newly built deck private from the roadside view.

This picket style fence was built to allow small children to play safely in the garden away from the open pond.

To ensure safety and general privacy. This extra thick feather edge board was fastened to posts and rails, resin bolted into the outer stone wall . 


 Garden Wood Work  


Patios paths and turf

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